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This is our BM Coaches Coach Hire page. We have listed the address of BM Coaches as well as phone numbers and websites and maps. BM Coaches is in Hayes, BM Coaches offers cheap Coach Hire, luxury Coach Hire, night coach hire, weekend coach hire, private Coach Hire and corporate Coach Hire in Hayes and also mini bus hire in Hayes.

BM Coaches Map:
BM Coaches
Shackles Dock
Silverdale Road
Hayes, ub3 3bn
Phone: 0845 555 7711
Fax: 0845 555 7722


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    Nicholas Moran on 06 Jun 2013
    TERRIBLE - I booked this coach for my wedding and it was the biggest mistake of my life, firstly it arrived 65 minutes late and pulled into a pub car park to ask for directions, my best man spotted it and directed him to the church. The driver then chose to drive in the complete wrong direction and ended up going around the houses in the opposite direction to the venue. He then got lost and could not find the venue, the satellite navigation on the coach did not work and the driver repeatedly pulled over asking passers-by for directions, finally after a 1:45 minute delay I had to send my best man in a taxi to go and collect the coach who was parked up in a lay bay 5 minutes from the venue, he parked up and told my 55 family members and guests he was lost and could not go any further. I repeatedly telephoned the office and was given a range of excuses from the coach was stuck in traffic, broken down, filling up petrol and he would be there shortly. Our wedding reception was delayed by 2 hours until the coach actually arrived by that time we had to pay additional money for the food as the previous snacks where ruined. AVOID this coach company at all costs, they have not even bothered to respond to my emails asking for answers which is extremely unprofessional.
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    Elisa on 22 Oct 2011
    Yes I would agree that their coaches are good, however the drivers are not particularly friendly nor knowledgeable. I run tour days for the elderly and found the driver not to be very accommodating of our needs. This was the first time I had used BM Coaches and was not particularly impressed. I usually use Hearns Coaches of Harrow who were a lot more friendlier and we would always have the same driver every year, who was very good. I have used them for the last six years but I wanted to try a different company for a change. For the next trip I am going back to using Hearns for our travel needs.
  • review icon
    Jim O Leary on 18 Aug 2011
    4 August. Day trip to EASTBOURNE coach arrived 30 mins. late. Were did we end up BOURNEMOUTH. Long story mainly drivers lack of English and England no map book satnav cant be wrong. Made complaint no response complaints manager off sick so I am told.
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    Disgusted! on 26 Jul 2011
    Avoid this company. I paid in full for a coach for my wedding. It dropped my guests off, but never returned to pick them up. I had to pay \'s in cabs for 50 people and BM Coaches have NEVER responded to my calls or emails. They are a scam so please do not use them and get ripped off like I did!!!
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    Sarah Clarson on 10 Jun 2011
    Intially, i would have agreed with the other people that reviewed BM coaches. They prices are very reasonable and throughout the booking process i found them very efficent. I booked a return journey and had 19 children. The journey up was fine, the driver was friendly and the coach was new. However, on the return journey the coach had not turned up. It took nearly half an hour to get through to them, the phone kept ringing constantly. When I did i was told the coach had broke down. No one bothered to inform me of this before even though i had given them a number. I was\'nt givin a clear explaination about what had caused the coach to break down accept some vauge references to the battery. I asked that I be called back in half an hour with an update about what was going to happen, they failed to do this. I tried phoning them again and it was another 20 mins before i got through and they still had not managed to get any mechinal services to our broken down coach. Again I was given vauge explainations about how long it would take to get a coach to us. Another 45 mins passed and I repeatly tried to contact them and no one answered the phone which kept ringing. About Three hours after the coach was intialy suppose to collect us, i finally got a call stating that the coach had been repaired and it was on its way. Due to the lack of communication and not getting much assurances I had decided to book another coach as I could not get through to them. i had 19 children sitting outside the whole time. This is a extremly disappointing service which i will not be using again
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    Petr on 16 Sep 2009
    Lovely company with great new coaches in my opinion they are by far the best company in london..
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    Huma on 29 Jan 2009
    I have been looking for the cheap coach hire services for my education trips to Europe and Back home in London. I contacted coach hire company bmcoaches.co.uk and I feel they are the real coach hire specialists everyone should opt to while looking for a cheap coach hire service provider, or coach hire for airport transfer. Very customer friendly staff, cheap luxury coaches, and more important, they are very kind. Thank you Huma
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    Iris on 30 Oct 2008
    I\'ve used this company three times. Great Service.
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    John Love on 22 Oct 2008
    five star service from a five star company
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    Theepan on 29 May 2008
    I have Booked with this coach company They are great with their services. I will recommend this coach company. They have all new vehicles. the driver i had from that company are friendly and helpfull.
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    Mohan on 27 Mar 2008
    Booked through their website www.bmcoaches.co.uk and had very good service,cheap price and very very nice coaches.

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